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LDi – P5

Pulse interception plus flow fluctuation reduction

Or just use one of our connections, if all you want is volume accumulation.
Then save a "T", and use the second connection for flush, drain, relief valve, or the PI tap.

It's too simple, trying to pass through a sudden increase to a larger diameter dampens high frequency pressure pulsation (large relative to system pipe diameter).

Reciprocating engine
Muffler “T’d” off the pipe – lots of noise
Would you put a silencer on a branch line / “T” piece?

Reciprocating engine
Trying to pass through only a small increase in diameter – a lot less noise

Reciprocating engine
Attempting to go through a much larger diameter increase – quiet as a mouse

Pressure waves go 500 mph in hot gas, but travel 3500 mph in cold liquid.
A "T" piece could not intercept them.