Liquid Dynamics International Ltd. - Piping System Analysis / Piping System Simulation

LDi – P6

Truth proof about discharge pulsation
Pipe systems cause pulsation. Hard systems destroy pumps.

Same pump, no pulsation
Barrel, short in, same pump, no pressure pulsation, short out, barrel

Pumps make flow fluctuations, Systems convert them to pressure pulsation.

Same pump, lots of pressure pulsation
Barrel, long suction system, same pump, lots of pressure pulsation, long discharge system, barrel

As truth is defined by "what if-what if not" you proved to yourself that pipe systems make pressure pulsation.

Your pump and the 400 meters

When we were seventeen and could run a 1/4 mile in 60 seconds, our pumps could work because our veins and arteries were soft and "dilatable".
When we die in bed with out boots on, and the quack say "of natural causes", his pronouncement is simply that our "pump" was tired because our "pipes" became hard.

Restrictions make systems "hard"
Hard systems kill pumps