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LDi – P7

Pulse damping - infested with "witchcraft"?
How much pulsation was there before the "damper" was fitted?
And how much after fitting the single connection "damper".
It can be impossible to know, without data capture at kHz and very fast response characteristic transducers.

Can a human eye see above 30 Hz? Or a 20 ms response gauge measure a 1450 meters / sec pressure pulse go by?
Spring weight
How fast they shake, how far they swing depends on the weight and the spring - not on what excites them.
Inside a gauge: Tube spring, Mechanism weight, Hair spring

Eight gauges connected to the same point at the same time, which to believe?
Gauges connected through a capillary
With glycerin and choke – 175 psi
With glycerin, no choke – 100 psi
No glycerin but with choke – 300 psi
No glycerin, no choke – 0 psi
Gauges connected through a 1/2" pipe
With glycerin and choke – 400 psi
With glycerin, no choke – 450 psi
No glycerin but with choke – 25 psi
No glycerin, no choke – 225 psi

Gauge photos above taken at this instant
Can you believe a gauge?
Triplex pump at 68% volumetric efficiency with “damper” on a “T”