Liquid Dynamics International Ltd. - Piping System Analysis / Piping System Simulation

LDi - P19

Multiplunger systems
Centrifugal systems

Multiplex / "Power" / API 674 Systems
For pump related pulse signatures see P18
For RV-23 and controller 18 related pulse signature, please see P15 item 6 bottom left.
Note: changes in value of any other red number will change frequency and amplitude of pulsation.

Filter strainer
Return, controller, spill-back line, RV, sump
Heat exchanger
Restriction or Orifice
Block valves
Pressure indicators
Final resistance

Centrifugal pumping systems
Many additional "signatures" are from shaft deflection.
Pump start-up surge – into a pipe that is full
Shut down back flow bang – in a 150 yard pipe continues to flow away from pump, sucks out a
vacuum, comes to a halt, rushes back to fill the void, pipe is dissipative
Rapid valve closure hammer – valve slams in 0.1 seconds / 100 ms

1. Nitrogen or air pad pressure in top of tank, bars
2. Positive suction head
Negative suction head
3. Supply Length
4. Diameter of pipe
5. Delta P of restrictions
6. Valve closure time after pump start
7. Or Pump spin up time (whichever is slower)
8. Rise in elevation
9. Fall in elevation
10. Average pipe diameter
11. Total pipe run length
12. Pressure resistance at end
13. Elasticity of pipe wall (ex. Steel 2e+11, concrete 4.2e+10, PVC 2.89e+9)
14. Compressibility in parts of a Liter per Bar pressure change (ex. 50e–6, 19.6e–5, 11.39e–4)