Liquid Dynamics International Ltd. - Piping System Analysis / Piping System Simulation

LDi – P34

Dare to take a leap into the 20th century - now we are in the 21st!
"A pinch of prevention, is worth a cart load of cure".

A. Prevent pump check valves from being driven by system pulsation response.
B. Prevent valves from "talking" to each other - let them close when they should.
C. Prevent interaction - intercept everything nasty between each cylinder and the system.

The principle is simple, it is at work every day under your hood
Gas flows more freely than liquid, yet reciprocating pumps have not made it any easier for a hundred years. The LDi "OctoPussy" doubles pump performance*

Reciprocating engines
1940’s – 3000 RPM
1960’s – 6000 RPM
1970’s – 8000 RPM
1980’s – 10000 RPM
1990’s – 14000 RPM

How a typical "OctoPussy" is designed

For 20th century performance

Think of a sidecharge damper as a multi muffler “tail pipe” one from each other
Think of this suction damper chamber as a 3 barrel carburetor
“OctoPussy” to pump check valves ensures precise fit
Feed & exhaust the pump, without restriction

For single & simplex pump systems
Even a single suction or discharge pipe, benefits from flow-through interception.
For welding into an 8" pipe with a 12" damper connection split in 2 with port divider.
Standard porting for discharge
Intercepts everything.
Would you buy a single connection muffler or one port filter?

For two pumps or for duplex heads
Damper release from "OctoPussy" piping bases by 4 bolts.
For 2 pumps or duplex heads