Liquid Dynamics International Ltd. - Piping System Analysis / Piping System Simulation

LDi – P35

Liquid Dynamics International a.k.a. "LDi" have specialized in designing "fancy plumbing" since 1975, and since opening our pipe fabrication shop in 1983, we have manufactured hundreds of these "OctoPussy" piping bases for Duplex, Triplex, Quad- and Quintuplex reciprocating pumps of many types, of numerous manufactures.

For triplex heads, or for three pump discharge systems.
"Turbo" your triplex, with “OctoPussy”
Available separately for you to pipe to
“Contour ported” divider added

How 4 paths are divided in one mating face.
The conical OctoPussy piping confluence base block is machined then "ported" (flow contoured). Then a 2, 3, 4 or 5 port divider is inserted and welded in place.
On discharge systems, the sudden change from within the divider, to entering a large diameter damper liquid chamber, explodes high frequency pressure transients which then die away exponentially with distance, to the nearest point of reflection.

For triplex head systems, or for three pump, suction systems.
And for the suction where it is most important.
4 way cross, goes up into damper mouth
Near perfect 5D bends, yet “close-coupled”
Horizontal connections, near perfect again; good bends – suction damper down, no vapor lock
space saver; pump so low, it looses more from tight "Ls" than head gain

For quadruplex heads, or for four pump systems.
A quad pump needs OctoPussy more - even numbers are more likely to resonate.
OctoPussy symbol for discharge and suction on a quin

Four flow paths curve up the central cone, in Coaxial outlet. Extends up into the mouth of dampers from most manufacturers.

A four meter leg, a 2.5 meter leg, and a one meter legged OctoPussy. Sometimes it seems the engineering contractors conspire to defeat the object - which is in part close proximity.

To improve - Simplex, Duplex, Triplex, Quad, or Quin - LDi OctoPussy
May need new flow contoured check valves and pockets.