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Pulsation Analysis, Diagnostics, Prediction by Software
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Pulsation Analysis, Diagnostics, Prediction by Software

LIQUID DYNAMICS Ltd. offer Pulsation / Vibraton and Shock - Analysis & Diagnostics + Software Models
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Material Availibility: Metals

316 ss from inventory (this is NOT NEVER with Ti additives
(because that European TITANIUM MODIFIED stainless becomes like Swiss
cheese with some chemicals and environments.)

The 316 stainless that we use is "dual certified",
Meaning, that the chemical analysis is LOW carbon - (aka 316L)
but also mechanical properties (Yeild, and UTS) exceed straight grade 316.

17-4 PH
And some finished inventory, plus some raw material for High pressure units,
mainly the oil industry.

Hydraulic / Fluid Power products are from carbon steel as standard, with
offshore units being from stainless.

Alloy 20. some samller volume units in stock/inventory, we hold more
not machined materials. plate and bar.

Duplex and Super Duplex stainlesses are stock / inventory in smaller volumes
We also hold bar stock in various sizes and some Zeron plate.

Some Hasteloy C276 component parts are on the shelf, and we hold
HC276 plate in the racks.

Titanium 2. is readily avaliable at reasonable cost and on short lead
times - but not held in Inventory

"Monel" We hold a little Cupro Nickel 400 grade.

Tantalum and Zirconium pieces are only made to order

PIPE, and also Tubes.
All cylindrical products are SEAMLESS (never with longitudinal welds)

PLASTICS, and plastic pipe limited to :-
PVC (and some "CPVC") plus Polly Propylene

Materials above 150mm diameter and up to 300mm are made from
inventory material but machined after receiving orders.
We do hold some glass filled PTFE bar in inventory.



People are beginning to realize the disaster of German Ti modified Stainless.
We have GENUINE 316L stainless.
Many times the UNS numbers system do not show the differences.


We stress relieve "solution anneal" all stainless.
(stops work hardening stress cracking)
Phone USA 910.270.2737
PO Box 506 Hampstead, NC 28443 USA
UK (for EC) --44(0)161-480-9625
PO Box 47, Stockport, UK SK3-OLH


Liquid Dynamics International provides pipeline and pump user problem analysis, diagnostics, prediction by software, pulsation analysis, piping system analysis, and piping system simulation. For water hammer and shock solutions pulsation dampening and shock alleviating devices can be obtained from our associate websites:

PulseGuard Inc., and Ltd. for further information about pulsation dampeners / pulsation dampers. - Pulsation Dampener - Pulsation Dampeners - Pulsation Dampers
PulseGuard für Deutschland - Pulsationsdämpfer and to find large gas bag vessels, jumbo bladders, float separator / big bellows type pipeline shock attenuators and expansion / contraction volume compensators, surge alleviators, and shock alleviators. - Surge Alleviators - Shock Alleviators and for information about energy saving in pumping systems, standby emergency power, safety shutdown systems, hydraulic accumulators, and hydropneumatic accumulators. - Hydraulic Accumulators - Hydropneumatic Accumulators to find protection against excess flow. Guard against toxic spills when pipes burst, guard against gushers and fluid loss when hoses split, Flow-Guard guards against excess flow floods with flow fuses and breather bags
Flow-Guard - Flow Fuses and Breather Bags
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